About Us

Universal Christian Professionals Organization is an NGO in India directly benefitting hundreds and thousands of professionals, youth & young children, Employees in Government and Non-Government sectors, Private sectors every year and especially who are waiting for jobs or steps into professional environment after their education.
UCPO mainly focuses on Competency and Skill Development: UCPO members are eligible for Competency and Skill Development not only in their respective fields but also whatever would support their profession.
UCPO is the home of Job Connection Centre where you’ll get help or assistance to find a job or advance your career for its members. This centre offers a comfortable and supportive environment for your job search, along with variety of resources to help you achieve your career goals – all at no change. i.e. Services, Career planning and exploration and Job search assistance
Employbility workshop including Resume & Cover letter Development, Interview techniques and Tips for Employment success
UCPO helps Disabled workforce: People with disability represent a talented, untapped labour market (it has not started to be used). Adding highly motivated people to the workforce and promoting on inclusive culture that appeals to the talent pool organizations want to attract.
The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as Amended (Rehab Act) prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in programs conducted by federal agencies, in programs receiving federal financial assistance, in federal employment and in the employment practices of federal contractors.
UCPO helps its members professionally develop in human engineering like Teamwork, Responsibility, Commitment to career, Commercial awareness, Career motivation, Decision making., Communication and Leadership.
There are around 400 million children worldwide living in extreme poverty so UCPO helps in Education to the poor people in society, UCPO will Help poor children to have a better future and UCPO Helps Education to the poor to reduce poverty, UCPO participates in Social Awareness Programs, Social Economic Programs and Environmental Programs to educate public towards social development.
Overview: a group of young corporate professionals came together in 2017 to set up UCPO to work with grassroots initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of Professionals


Wayback in 2010, Karem Rapture, a Young Software Professional, was driven by the extraordinary dream to see a day when no Christina Employee, Student or unemployed person wouldn’t be without Trained, Developed, employed as the basic need to live in the professional world.
Like many of us , Rapture too was upset when he saw disparities between skilled and unskilled, talented and untalented, well educated and poorly educated, Christian professionals and other professionals. He hated to see Students and professionals without talent and required competencies hanging to wait for so long to get into job or less competencies but with sufficient degrees in hand or sufficient degrees with required knowledge but no opportunities or get into right positions. Unlike most of us though, he did something about it. He started an organization called UCPO – Universal Christina Professionals Organization to help not only Christian Students, Unemployed and Employed Professionals but also and open to everyone in the professional’s society, right from the Helper designation to CEO of any Organization in various sectors like Manufacturing, Services, Automobiles, Pharma, IT, or any other sectors.
In 2018 Rapture and 5 other people started UCPO – Universal Christina Professionals Organization with Rs. 100/- around his mother’s dining table. They felt that something needed to be done to improve the situation of, students -who are waiting for jobs, professionals – who are lacking at skill set / required competencies for Christina Employee, Student or unemployed persons. Uncharacteristically, given their backgrounds and motivations, they choose not to start a grassroots-level implementing organization working directly with and for Christina Employee, Student or unemployed persons.
All through the early, difficult years, It was Rapture’s passion and conviction that drove UCPO. He was firmly convinced that each of us can, in our small way, be the agents of change, when enough of us become one, the impact is a lasting change for the better. All he asked of people was that they help UCPO by doing what they’re good at. As he put it, What I can do , I must do


UCPO believes that unless members of the professional society are involved proactively in the process of competencies and skill development, constant change will not happen. Believing in this principle of Professionals Driven Change, UCPO sensitises the professional society in order to make them partners in this mission.


A Happy, Healthy and Creative , Productive and Talented Christian Professionals whose talents are suppressed based on Race, Religion, Cast, any other reasons at the time of Increments, Promotions, Incentive that is built on continuous trainings and developments, Motivations and Placements of Talents.


  •  To Train and upgrade Christian professionals at par with One’s Job Description’s requirements
  • To Extend Education to the poor / needy at free of cost
  • To conduct self-help employment skills training program for needy women youth
  • To help in getting employment across different sectors like Manufacturing, services, Telecom, IT etc.
  • To Help and initiate people to make use of the Government sponsored schemes
  • Making disciples training and church planting and evangelism outreach programs
  • To Share and love and compassion of God to the Human Society.
  • To Conduct Social, Economical, Health and Environmental awareness programs.


Trustees: Each one of our trustees holds UCPO’s interest above everything else, sharing a firm belief in values of public trust.
ManComm: A leadership collective comprising of Directors whose key role is to provide direction and leadership
Resource Development: UCPO endeavour is to get the maximum number of people organization’s involved driving people’s moment in the development of all suppressed professionals and student who are lack at anything.
Development Support: UCPO defines its role as that enabler.
We adopt an angel investor or a social venture capitalist approach to grant making. That means we look for promising, nascent, grassroots-level NGOs and communities that work in the rights framework, addressing the root causes of inequity rather than its symptoms. Our grant making (also known as Development Support within UCPO) follows a social justice agenda. We emphasise on advocacy as an essential medium if change is to be achieved on a significant scale.
Volunteers Action: At our UCPO, we encourage and support our volunteers to empower people and communities, to bring about positive change by encouraging them to initiate action in their environment, in the professional society.
Volunteers are a repository of energy, creativity and commitment.

People behind UCPO

UCPO is managed by a Board of Advisors comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The board is formed for a period of one year and a few independent members of eminence and reputation are nominated each year. Members of this board meet once every quarter.
Mr. K Raja Rao, President
An Associate member of Youth Gospel team at Bible Mission at world wide,
Mrs. D. Ratna Deepa, Vice President
Mr. Rapture Karem, Secretary
Mrs. G. Sulochan, Joint Secretary
Mrs. B Sireesha, Treasurer
Mr. Sudheer G, Executive Member
Mr. Raj Samuel Kollu, Executive Member